7 & 8 September 2021

Infobip Shift'21
is happening!

Infobip Shift is the largest Developer event in Southeastern Europe, which purpose is to bring the world’s brightest developers together. For its 10th anniversary this event will bring together more than 3000 attendees from all around the globe.
Infobip Shift Conference
With everything going on we are sure some of you were wondering if Infobip Shift was going to happen in 2021, and the short answer is YES. Infobip Shift will take place on September 7 & 8 in Croatia this year.
Please give us a minute to explain everything and put your mind to rest regarding conference safety measures and precautions. The following is a detailed description of the precautions we are taking and the changes that are in store for you at Infobip Shift 2021 o mitigate risk and maintain a safe and controlled environment.
Infobip Shift - Badge pickup
Badge Pickup
Badge pickup is where there are often a lot of people standing together and waiting - which of course we all want to avoid. To address this, we will enable badge pick up the day before and all morning on the day of the conference. In this manner there will be no crowded queues at the start of the conference - just a fast track to scan and enter.
Infobip Shift - Thermal testing
Thermal Testing
To enter the venue during the official build up period, at our event – and during dismantling, attendees, staff, visitors, and suppliers will be thermal tested before the entrance, in an effort to maximize the safety of all attendees.
Infobip Shift - Self service
Self – Service
We are providing you a self-service check in to lower as much unneeded interaction as possible. As an attendee all you must do is walk up, type in your name and your badge will be printed - it's as easy as that!
Infobip Shift - Protective Face Masks
Protective Face Masks
Attendees, staff, visitors, and suppliers must wear a face mask (provided for free at the entrance), adhere to social distancing requirements, complete a daily health questionnaire assessed via the official Infobip Chatbot – and make regular use of the vast number of disinfectant dispensers placed around the venue.
Special features
Spacing and Size
As per health guidelines we will limit the total amount of people in the audience. The volume of persons within the venue will be inspected and regulated for effective social distancing measures and density control with a help of technology (Occupancy Monitoring) and on-site support staff.
We will also provide additional Exit points to further comply with the density on the site.
Infobip Shift - Spacing and size
Hybrid Features
We know that some of you can’t come to our in-person event, some due to travel restrictions and others due to the limited number of tickets. What a Hybrid conference means is that it will be both In-person and Virtual at the same time!
Infobip Shift - Hybrid event
Catering Health & Safety
We will be having some amazing burgers for lunch, and epic cocktails during the “coffee breaks” but we still must watch out for safety. We will use floor markings showing a 1.5m distance, to maintain physical distance between attendees. Hand hygiene stations will be available at the beginning and end of the line. All food will be pre-packed meals that attendees can pick up.
Infobip Shift - Food Service
AV Equipment
We have a lot of speakers, and as they will be sharing microphones and such, we will disinfect each microphone after usage. Making sure the next speakers use a fully disinfected equipment.
Infobip Shift - AV equipment
Grab a ticket!
So get your tickets now, while there still are some!
See you in September!